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  • Are you struggling with…

    • Depression?

    • Stress?

    • Relationship Issues?

    • Anxiety or Worry?

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    • Post-traumatic Stress (PTSD)?

    • Performance Issues?

  • Our therapists excel in EMDR
    “Eye Movement 
    – a complicated name 
for a specialized approach 
that is proving to be 
extremely effective

  • EMDR can help you
    feel good about yourself.
    Feel more confident with others. Reach your goals in less time . . . because EMDR changes the way your brain processes memories & experiences.







  • This photo shows Dr. Daniel Amen's brain scan of 
a woman with severe PTSD resulting from two violent attacks.

  • Here is her brain scan after completing just 4 ninety-minute EMDR sessions

  • Someone whose brain has locked-in stressful or traumatic memories often feels stuck and in distress.



    Through EMDR that person can emerge from their cocoon and be free . . .

  • We are the only network that requires each of its members to be EMDRIA-Certified

  • Because of their training and certification, you can confidently choose any therapist you find on our website.

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Psychotherapy Specialties

Kimberly A. Mykland, LMHC
Specialties: Anxiety and Panic, Stress, Depression, Trauma, PTSD, Complex PTSD, Attachment and Dissociative Issues, Relationship Issues, Grief and Loss, Acute Stress, Spirtitual Issues, Transition.

Insurance: Private Pay -- Most insurance companies will reimburse at the out of network provider rate.
License: LH 00008752