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Build your practice while you help EMDR become better known to residents in your community. Why let people suffer longer, needing comprehensive help but unaware of EMDR? Join the distinguished EMDRIA-Certified EMDR Therapists on Comprehensive Therapy Approach and help our community learn about the benefits of EMDR therapy and your practice.  (If we don't have a directory in your community yet, and you would like one, please "Contact Us.")


There is a one-time registration fee for this established website of $125.  To join, just click on the "Register Now" button.  You will have one free month to develop your profile from the date you sign in by clicking on the "Subscribe" button.  The sooner you complete this process, the more free advertising you receive on the site.  One month from your subscribing, the regular monthly advertising fee of $29 will begin to be deducted monthly through PayPal.

We have high standards for membership on Comprehensive Therapy Approach web sites. To become a member it is required that you be either EMDRIA-Certified or an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant

Some therapists may have the false impression that they are Certified because they have a certificate of completion for their Basic Training.  Please be sure you know the difference.  It is a higher level of experience and expertise to be EMDRIA-Certified.  To learn more about EMDRIA certification, link to the EMDRIA list of criteria for certification.

To complete your registration, please fax or email all items listed on the REGISTRATION AGREEMENT.  This will include:

  • Professional License

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • EMDRIA-Certification in EMDR

You are most welcome to REGISTER NOW if you meet the above qualifications for membership.

If you do not yet meet the qualifications, we invite you to join one of the other EMDR websites for now. We particularly recommend that you join EMDRIA.  It is an excellent organization which does much to support and strengthen EMDR therapists.  Once you qualify for this website, we would be most happy to welcome you, because we seek to provide the community with easy-access to the most competent group of EMDR therapists.

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